Press Release

Turtle Rescue

Turtle Release  – lovely news after being involved in saving them

The release of turtles is always greeted with pleasure and satisfaction by BICREF.    After being cared for at the San Lucjan turtle rescue section under the care of Mr. Charles Sammut (fisheries dept) and Dr. Anthony Gruppetta (vet), it is always a real joy to see the turtles find their way back to the sea and their natural home.

BICREF and Conservation Biologist, Dr. Adriana Vella, have also been contributing toward acting as intermediates in the rescue process, by directing the interested public, sea users, AFM and fishermen with injured turtles or with coastal sightings of sick turtles to the relevant rescue centre and hope that more persons will take part in this lovely act of charity toward marine turtles in our waters.

BICREF said that while it was positive that some schools were present for the releasing event, which took place in the conservation area of Ghajn Tuffieha, it was a pity that the turtles had to wait a good while in the sun before the go ahead for their release was given