Support for BICREF’s Dolphin & Whale Research Project

The Biological Conservation Research Foundation (BICREF) has been undertaking and assisting the Maltese Cetacean and Turtle Field Research Project that has been running since 1997 and led by the conservation biologist Adriana Vella, PhD (Cambridge).

This long-term conservation research project has been supported by various entities that believe in Marine Conservation.  Cetaceans are flagship species for marine conservation because as marine mammals they find man’s interest and wish to see their home protected for their survival.

Every year the Konnekt team chooses a specific cause to support and throughout the year, they dedicate time to learn about and identify ways in which they can contribute, both at an individual level and as a team in their workplace.

2017 was a year dedicated to environmental awareness. Throughout the year they improved their knowledge on the environment and what they, as a company, can do to minimize their waste. They visited NGOs who graciously taught them more about the Maltese environmental heritage. They also worked together to collect funds and they had the pleasure of inviting the Biological Conservation Research Foundation founder to meet the Konnekt family, and personally give her their donation. This donation is going directly to help continue funding the BICREF Cetacean Project.

A great big thanks is due to Konnekt for this valuable assistance which reminds many that the sea depends on our assistance to safeguard what is elusive to us, as much as what is easy to see.