Safeguarding Dolphins and Whales at Mediterranean level

The University of Malta’s Conservation Biology Research Group (CBRG-UM) in collaboration with the nature conservation ngo BICREF has been undertaking marine conservation research for over 20 years. Among the various collaborative research projects, the one on marine mammals (dolphins and whales, collectively referred to as cetaceans) has assessed the status of these species in Maltese […]

Freshwater alien species: urgent conservation action needed

Conservation monitoring and research is essential for timely action to prevent further damage and deterioration of fragile habitats, including Maltese freshwater habitats.   BICREF volunteers contribute toward monitoring efforts to assist ongoing scientific conservation projects.  The Conservation Biology Research Group of the University of Malta is among the longest established scientific research group in Malta […]

Reporting New Alien Species in the Mediterranean Sea: Research discovery by the CBRG-UoM

BICREF volunteers assist the CBRG-UoM conservation projects which discover ways of improving conservation measures for Maltese biodiversity:  Increasingly aliens are one problem that needs to be addressed through effective research and action. Relentless research of our marine biodiversity continues to produce new discoveries on the species found in Maltese waters.  The Conservation Biology Research Group […]

Discovering the night life of bats in Malta

  Awareness news clip by Celine Champagne – BICREF ecovolunteer 2016 As an environmental engineering student in Belgium, my study program gave me the opportunity to take an internship with the Biological Conservation Research Foundation, BICREF, in Malta.  This non-profit organization gave me the amazing chance to discover what wildlife conservation is all about and […]

1st International Common Dolphin Workshop in the Mediterranean

Participants at the 1st International Common Dolphin Workshop Spotlight on an endangered Mediterranean cetacean population The dolphin species Delphinus delphis was well distributed throughout the Mediterranean basin and was considered the most abundant cetacean species many years back, thus is referred to the Common Dolphin. However, in the last decade its abundance has been reported to be […]

Discoveries in Marine Biodiversity

An Indo-pacific Marine Flatworm Species in Maltese Waters: first scientific report of this species for the Mediterranean Sea The Conservation Biology Research Group, University of Malta (CBRG-UoM), led by Adriana Vella, Ph.D. (Cambridge), has been undertaking coastal and offshore marine biodiversity research for two decades and has been involved in setting up the Malta National […]

Successful European Marine Science Conference held in Malta

BICREF organises Conference in Malta to promote International Scientific Research Efforts to Upgrade Maritime developments toward Marine Conservation The Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Hon. Joe Mizzi gave a valid and relevant opening address at the European Cetacean Society Conference held recently in Malta for the first time. This speech was followed by addresses from […]