EARTH DAY 2020 – in the midst of a pandemic : 22nd April

It took a little invisible virus to upset humans’ routines and lives, making us fearful and sick, changing surrounding environments and giving space to nature while reducing pollution. We see dolphins, sharks, and other wildlife all over the world approach the coasts more easily but also terrestrial species seem to wander more freely without getting […]

Reporting and Participating in Conservation Science

Alien Species Reporting for Conservation Science: Lionfish and any other strange species. If you are an interested and dedicated environmentalist or simply wish to contribute toward local conservation research of our indigenous species you may wish to contact us, BICREF at or the University’s Conservation Biology Research Group, led by conservation biologist, Prof Adriana […]

World Marine Mammal Conference launches the Barcelona Declaration

The World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona (December 2019), gathered 2700 participants from 95 different countries mostly linked to research and conservation of marine mammals. The Barcelona Declaration: Together for Marine Mammal Science and Conservation of Marine Mammals calls for commitment in a number of key principles and a pledge of three specific goals: Key […]

8th June – World OCEANS DAY

Oceans are home to a vast diversity of marine life and generate a considerable amount of ecosystem goods and services that are fundamentally linked to human demands and well being, making our seas both ecologically and economically valuable. Yet the complexity of marine biodiversity and its resources are usually under-estimated with several marine habitats being […]


BICREF for Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation   15th March 2019 The Biological Conservation Biology Research Foundation, BICREF is appealing to youths, adults, companies, NGOs and governments to focus on what really matters for humanity’s common future:   Biodiversity = Life on Earth Clean Environments that function, mitigate change and recycle.   Ignoring anthropogenic effects […]

New Marine Conservation Project in Central Med

Research Results Presentations of the Marine Conservation Project in Southern Italy – Dec. 2019 The project results sharing seminar was organised in December 2019 in Calabria after presenting research outcomes on bottlenose dolphins in the Ionian Sea study area at the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona.  Prof Adriana Vella, was invited to address the […]

BICREF Biodiversity Awareness Campaign

BICREF has sustained its annual monitoring and research projects this year as it celebrates its 20th Year Anniversary since its foundation in 1998!   For this purpose it is also producing short awareness campaign videos with the youthful contribution of its enthusiastic interns and volunteers. These may be seen by clicking below: Beautiful and Essential Sea: Monitoring […]

Conservation Research and Monitoring of Bats

Joining Conservation Research and Monitoring of Bats in Malta Kinga Czutor & Reka Rehak BICREF ngo volunteers – Summer 2018 Coming from Hungary right in the centre of Europe, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to undertake a summer internship as volunteers with the ngo BICREF (Biological Conservation Research Foundation) on the islands […]

Collaboration between BICREF and CBRG-UM

Conservation biology research undertaken by the Conservation Biology Research Group at the University of Malta has the support of BICREF ngo volunteers. Various dedicated BICREF members and interns that come from various part of the world come over to work in conservation of Maltese biodiversity.  With so many conservation challenges faced by these small densely […]

Support for BICREF’s Dolphin & Whale Research Project

The Biological Conservation Research Foundation (BICREF) has been undertaking and assisting the Maltese Cetacean and Turtle Field Research Project that has been running since 1997 and led by the conservation biologist Adriana Vella, PhD (Cambridge). This long-term conservation research project has been supported by various entities that believe in Marine Conservation.  Cetaceans are flagship species […]