Conservation Research and Monitoring of Bats

Joining Conservation Research and Monitoring of Bats in Malta Kinga Czutor & Reka Rehak BICREF ngo volunteers – Summer 2018 Coming from Hungary right in the centre of Europe, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to undertake a summer internship as volunteers with the ngo BICREF (Biological Conservation Research Foundation) on the islands […]

Collaboration between BICREF and CBRG-UM

Conservation biology research undertaken by the Conservation Biology Research Group at the University of Malta has the support of BICREF ngo volunteers. Various dedicated BICREF members and interns that come from various part of the world come over to work in conservation of Maltese biodiversity.  With so many conservation challenges faced by these small densely […]

Support for BICREF’s Dolphin & Whale Research Project

The Biological Conservation Research Foundation (BICREF) has been undertaking and assisting the Maltese Cetacean and Turtle Field Research Project that has been running since 1997 and led by the conservation biologist Adriana Vella, PhD (Cambridge). This long-term conservation research project has been supported by various entities that believe in Marine Conservation.  Cetaceans are flagship species […]

BICREF joins forces with Blue Ocean Watch

BICREF joins forces with Blue Ocean Watch toward Marine Conservation and Awareness Campaigns through out the world. As The Biological Conservation Research Foundation (BICREF) ngo has been at the fore in upgrading scientific research efforts for conservation in the Central Mediterranean and collaborates with other ngos and institutions to increase such efforts to regional and […]

Safeguarding Dolphins and Whales at Mediterranean level

The University of Malta’s Conservation Biology Research Group (CBRG-UM) in collaboration with the nature conservation ngo BICREF has been undertaking marine conservation research for over 20 years. Among the various collaborative research projects, the one on marine mammals (dolphins and whales, collectively referred to as cetaceans) has assessed the status of these species in Maltese […]

Freshwater alien species: urgent conservation action needed

Conservation monitoring and research is essential for timely action to prevent further damage and deterioration of fragile habitats, including Maltese freshwater habitats.   BICREF volunteers contribute toward monitoring efforts to assist ongoing scientific conservation projects.  The Conservation Biology Research Group of the University of Malta is among the longest established scientific research group in Malta […]

Reporting New Alien Species in the Mediterranean Sea: Research discovery by the CBRG-UoM

BICREF volunteers assist the CBRG-UoM conservation projects which discover ways of improving conservation measures for Maltese biodiversity:  Increasingly aliens are one problem that needs to be addressed through effective research and action. Relentless research of our marine biodiversity continues to produce new discoveries on the species found in Maltese waters.  The Conservation Biology Research Group […]

Discovering the night life of bats in Malta

  Awareness news clip by Celine Champagne – BICREF ecovolunteer 2016 As an environmental engineering student in Belgium, my study program gave me the opportunity to take an internship with the Biological Conservation Research Foundation, BICREF, in Malta.  This non-profit organization gave me the amazing chance to discover what wildlife conservation is all about and […]